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May 10th, 2021 | Around the Office

Happy Mother’s Day

On Sunday, we celebrate the women that shared our lives with us, getting us through the times when we needed an extra lift. At Sovereign Flavors, we cherish the moments we can celebrate those who mean the most to us; and for us, flavor is the best way of expressing how we feel. Flavor has a way of bringing memories back to life, from the taste of fresh lemonade that our mothers would make for our soccer teams to cheer us on. To the banana splits that she would make to get us through those tough days at school. Even the smell of freshly brewed coffee that we would wake up to as our moms prepared breakfast with a smile. Mother’s love is expressed in everything she does, and flavor is a way to remember even the smallest moments that meant the world to us. We celebrate not only those who gave us life but also those who showed us how to savor that flavor of life. Happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day Image

Check out these beautiful Mother’s Day cards that were made for our Sovereign moms from their children. You can tell they poured their hearts into making them.

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