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August 1st, 2021 | Flavor of the Month

August Flavor of the month – Watermelon

Earlier this month, a few members of our team woke up before the sun and headed down to LA’s renowned Produce Market. In producing flavors, it is important to know how the true fruit/vegetable/herb all tastes. We could not think of a better location to have all of those things in one place! As we walked the market we saw many varieties of citrus, peppers, apples, melons, and even tasted an apricot that is only in season for 2 weeks out of the year!





August Flavor of the month – Watermelon Image

Our focus was drawn when we saw just how many varieties of watermelons there are in season right now-about 50 to be exact!  It just so happens that this month we are celebrating watermelon as our flavor of the month, so we took the opportunity to grab a few different varieties and study their different flavor profiles. We gathered three watermelons during our visit: a midnight black seedless, sunshine seedless, and orange seedless watermelon.  We were able to bring one of each back to the lab for our flavor team to analyze and recreate. Each type had a different profile of flavor and aroma, and all equally delicious.  

These varieties can add a differentiating factor to an otherwise generic watermelon application. 


August Flavor of the month – Watermelon Image

The Midnight Black Seedless Watermelon is as tasty as it is visually appealing. Its rind is thick, smooth with dark green pigment and green-blackish striping. The inner flesh is a deep red that is crisp and juicy. The flavor overall was very sweet with a light watermelon flavor. 

The Orange Seedless Watermelon was a little more traditional looking with Its light green rind with dark green stripes. The surprise came when we cut it open, revealing the bright orange flesh. This watermelon is gourmet quality; the crispy, juicy texture had a mildly sweet flavor perfect for any application. 

Finally, the yellow-ish orange rind of the Sunshine Seedless Watermelon stood out from the bunch. Inside the orange rind, the flesh was bright red that was incredibly juicy. The delicate and mellow sweet flavor had notes of honey and apricot. 

August Flavor of the month – Watermelon Image
August Flavor of the month – Watermelon Image

Currently, we have an array of watermelon flavors in our library, including Organic, Natural, N&A, and Oil or Water-Soluble types. Our Sovereign flavorists have created sensational watermelon profiles from green to fresh and juicy. Our library even includes watermelon combinations with honeydew and lemonade. We are constantly testing our limits by producing flavors that are out of this world. 


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