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January 29 - February 1, 2024

WSWA Access Live 2024

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Thanks for visiting our booth!

We're so happy you stopped by. Below you will find details on the samples we showcased, including flavors used and nutritional information. If you would like to request a sample, please click the button below to fill out the request form.

We look forward to working with you!

Finished Application Shown

Aperol Spritz

6% ABV

Flavors Used

  • Natural Ginger Flavor

  • Natural Lemon Flavor

  • Natural Orange Peel Flavor

  • Natural Allspice Flavor

  • Natural Bitter Orange Flavor

  • Natural Prosecco Flavor

Finished Application Shown

Tamarind Vodka

35% ABV

Flavors Used

  • Natural Tamarind Flavor

  • Natural Cloud Flavor

Finished Application Shown

Hugo Spritz

Flavors Used

  • Natural Elderflower Flower

  • Natural Mint Flavor

  • Natural Lychee Flavor

  • Natural Zest Lime Flavor

  • Natural Lavender Flavor

  • Natural Champagne Flavor

Finished Application Shown

Elderflower Liqueur

20% ABV

Flavors Used

  • Natural Elderflower Flavor

Finished Application Shown

Pear Vodka

70 Proof

Flavors Used

  • Natural Pear Flavor

Finished Application Shown

Long Island Iced Tea

Flavors Used

  • Natural Gin Type Flavor

  • Natural Tequila Type Flavor

  • Natural Rum Type Flavor

  • Natural Triple Sec Type Flavor

  • Natural Cola Type Flavor

  • Natural Lemon Extract

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