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October 9-10, 2023

NBWA Annual Convention 2023

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Thanks for visiting our booth!

We're so happy you stopped by. Below you will find details on the samples we showcased, including flavors used and nutritional information. If you would like to request a sample, please click the button below to fill out the request form.

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Finished Applications Shown

Classic Margarita

6% Wine-Based

Flavors Used

  • Natural Tequila Type Flavor

  • Natural Zesty Lime Flavor

  • Natural Orange Flavor

  • Natural Orange Cognac Flavor (Grand Marnier Type) 

  • Natural Lime Flavor

  • Natural Bitter Flavor

Finished Applications Shown

Kentucky Mule

6% Wine-Based

Flavors Used

  • Natural Heat Flavor

  • Natural Ginger Flavor

  • Natural Lime Flavor

  • Natural Allspice Flavor

  • Natural Bourbon Whiskey Type Flavor

Finished Applications Shown

Strawberry Starburst Seltzer

Flavors Used

  • Natural Strawberry (Starburst Flavor Match)

  • Natural Mouthfeel Type Flavor

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