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February 19th, 2021 | Around the Office

The Big 12!!

            At Sovereign, we love celebrating our employees, and this month we have not only one team member to celebrate but two! February marks Maggie’s and Jose’s 12th anniversary at Sovereign Flavors and what an adventure it has been! They are now an indispensable part of our SF family. To recognize their hard work and commitment, we figured an ice cream sundae would express our gratitude!


“An amazingly quick 12 years! We are grateful for your friendship, professionalism, leadership and your unwavering belief in Sovereign and the process that you helped build. We would not be where we are today without your valuable contributions. Let’s raise a glass and toast…Friday afternoon lunch @ Habana is in your immediate future. Congrats Maggie and Jose!” – David Ames, CEO

"Cheers to the Sovereign OG! - David Ames, CEO"

The Big 12!! Image

We did a little Q&A session with each one, check out their responses below!

Tell me about how you got started in the flavor industry/ how you started at Sovereign?

Maggie:One of my classmates at Chapman was working PT at Sovereign and was leaving to go work at the FDA. Our Master’s Program was coming to an end so she knew I was looking for a FT position so she put me in touch with Ritchie. Ritchie’s wife was my boss prior when I was working at Sweet Ovations, so there was also that connection. When I got hired I was doing QC and R&D, that’s how much we have grown! QC was basically on three flavors.

Jose: I was working in production at another company when I received a recommendation to meet Ritchie, our current Plant Manager. After I interviewed with the team… more than one time. David pulled me aside and said “You’re the guy!”


How would you describe your position to someone not in the flavor industry? 

Maggie: I help entrepreneurs, small companies, and large companies build their beverage ideas. I create beverage prototypes based on their specifications that utilize our flavors. We go back and forth with feedback and revisions until the customer is happy and ready to scale up and take their beverage to market. 

Jose: I prepare shipments and make sure that everything is ready for on-time delivery.



What do you enjoy most about your position / working here? What excites you most?

Maggie: Sovereign’s workplace culture and all my colleagues. Everyone is quick to help another out when needed and we have fun while working. I get excited learning about new technology and trends. I enjoy seeing our customers’ vision come to life.

Jose: I love the people and what I do.



What is your favorite memory here at Sovereign? 

Maggie: When there were only about ten of us working at SF and we would go to lunch (but mostly just to drink mojitos) at Habana just about every other week. The OGs (David, Steve, Ritchie, Greg, T, Kelley) would tell hilarious stories from the early early days of Sovereign Flavors.

Jose: I remember when there were only 9 of us… The orders were much smaller, and I was concerned. David reassured me that they are coming and it’ll work out, be patient.



Describe what Sovereign Flavors means to you on a personal level in 15 words or less.

Maggie: Teammates and innovation.

Jose: I enjoy working here. The people and atmosphere are important to me.


Which of our flavors would you love to try in an ice cream?

Maggie: Guava, yumm I love guava ice cream.

Jose: MANGO!

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