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April 21st, 2023 | Around the Office

Sovereign Flavors Breaks Ground on Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Facility in Kyle, Texas

Earlier this quarter, our Director of Operations, Ritchie Bolante, visited the Texas site where our gorgeous new Sovereign Flavors facility is being built. A lot of progress has happened in the past 7-8 months since his last visit. 

In May 2022, the entire area was just an open pasture with cows grazing and construction equipment barely starting to move dirt around. There was no road access coming from the main highway yet, and the site was only visible from afar. Since then, the city of Kyle finished the construction of a wide road connecting the main highway to the business complex where our future site will be constructed. All infrastructures (water, electrical, internet, sewer) have been laid under the roads with connections readily available for future tenants, and the city has approved all construction permits.

As of Thursday, April 6th, we have been able to move equipment onto the property and officially begin the 10-month build of Sovereign Texas. Our design partner and contractor, KDW, mobilized the build at the beginning of January and has tirelessly helped to move our project forward.

Check out the photos below to view the progress from May 2022 (left) to January 2023 (right). The pictures were taken on the brand-new, wide-access road coming from the main highway into our business complex. Plus, be sure to scroll through and enjoy a sneak peek of what the state-of-the-art facility will look like once completed.


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