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August 23-24, 2023

ADI Craft Spirits Conference & Expo

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Las Vegas, Nevada

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Tasting Notes

Flavors Shown

SF-46352.6 Spiced Rum

Oak, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Floral, Woody

SF-40153.1 Vermouth

Balsamic, Plum, Bitter Orange, Vanilla, Black Cherry, Baking Spices

SF-44165.2 Green Liqueur

Pine Sap, Mint, Citrus, Herbaceous

SF-47304.3 Sauvignon Blanc

Citrus, Green Apple, Passionfruit, Green Grass

SF-33323.1 Gin

Juniper, Coriander, Anise, Herbal, Earthy, Citrus

Finished Applications Shown

Hot Honey Rum

Indulge in the rich allure of Hot Honey Rum, where the golden embrace of honey meets the warming kick of rum. Experience the blend of sweet and heat, as smooth rum notes intertwine with a touch of warmth, creating a uniquely enticing and sweet sensation that lingers on your palate.

Flavors Used

  • Natural Honey Flavor: sweet, honey, floral, rose

  • Natural Heat Flavor: a sensation of spiciness

Finished Applications Shown

Piña Colada

Savor the tropical symphony of our Piña Colada flavor: a harmonious blend of sun-kissed pineapple and velvety coconut, creating a refreshing escape in every sip. Let each taste transport you to an exotic beach, where sweet pineapple meets creamy coconut in perfect harmony.

Flavors Used

  • Natural Piña Colada Flavor: tropical notes of juicy pineapple and buttery coconut

  • Natural Rum Flavor: oak, vanilla, floral, woody

  • Natural Cloud Flavor: provides turbidity/opaqueness

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