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April 28th, 2021 | Around the Office

Soda & Son Feat. Sovereign Flavors

Check out Soda and Son’s newest episode featuring our very own David Ames and Sophia Pollack as they discuss flavors, food science, and the industry.

At Sovereign, we love creating new, exciting flavors, especially ones that come from out-of-the-box thinking. Our flavorists have established fantastic fantasy flavors like cotton candy, sour gummies, and Swedish fish, to name a few. We are always on the lookout for innovative flavors to add to our library so our customers can be as creative as they wish to be.

We stumbled across a fantastic podcast called Soda and Son during our exploration for new flavor ideas. Kyle and his 6-year-old son Cole discuss topics of life and soda from a child’s perspective. In episode 50 of their podcast, Kyle and Cole interviewed Eric Chastain, the COO of Jones Soda. During the interview, Cole came up with a soda idea of a Banana Split Soda and imagined having their picture on the soda bottle.

We were inspired by the podcast and the authenticity of the conversation. We reached out to Kyle to discuss the podcast and pitched an idea for future podcasts to expand the conversation into Food Science and careers in the Food Industry. We were then booked as guests for an upcoming episode under the topic, Food Science is Fun! It was then time for the Sovereign Beverage Application team to get to work and show our gratitude to Soda & Son by bringing Cole’s concept to reality. Sophia developed the Banana Split Soda along with a Chocolate Cherry Soda. Presentation is everything, so we reached out to Mr. Eric at Jones soda to customize a ‘Soda and Son’ My Jones label. Samples were then shipped and delivered the morning of our podcast.  Showtime!


Soda & Son Feat. Sovereign Flavors Image

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The podcast can be heard on any platform you prefer to listen!




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